Lavender Guide: Angustifolia, Reserve & Spike

Lavender Angustifolia, Reserve Lavender, Spike Lavender, oh my! Have you ever wondered why we carry three different Lavenders, or which you should be using? Here's a little guide for differentiating between these amazing oils.

While Lavender Angustifolia, Reserve & Spike are all technically Lavender, each is the product of a different growing environment. As a result, each variety has its own unique set of properties. Weather, soil, temperature, precipitation and elevation all influence the plant's chemical profile.

Lavender Lavandula angustifolia
Source: Provence, France
Altitude: 3,600 ft.
Personality: Balancing & soothing
Scent Profile: Fresh, herbaceous & floral
Aromatic Family: Ester, Monoterpenol
About: The panacea of essential oils, Lavender Angustifolia is also known as True Lavender. This oil has a rich history of promoting calm & relaxation. Apply to minor burns, bites, bruises and blemishes.

Lavender Reserve Lavandula angustifolia
Source: Provence, France (High Alps)
Altitude: 5,250 ft.
Personality: Gentle & calming
Scent Profile: Delicate, sweet & floral
Aromatic Family: Ester, Monoterpenol
The most gentle of our Lavenders, Reserve is especially suited for skincare and perfumery. Grown biodynamically high in the French Alps, only a very small amount is produced each year.

Spike Lavender Lavandula spicata 
Source: Spain
Altitude: 2,000 ft.
Personality: Stimulating & medicinal
Scent Profile: Fresh, herbaceous & medicinal
Aromatic Family: Monoterpenol Oxide
Grown in the hot, dry Spanish desert, Spike Lavender is distinct due to higher levels of camphor and cineole. Ideal for promoting mental clarity or supporting the immune and respiratory systems. Also great applied to minor bites & stings.

Did you know? Blending Spike Lavender with one of our French Lavenders produces a synergetic result. By combining Spike's stimulating properties with French Lavender's calming influence, the skin's natural healing process is supported from all angles. Apply directly to the skin or dilute in a carrier oil.

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Image of Pranarom Lavender fields - June 2017

article by: Hanna Stensgaard


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