Methods of Application

A basic overview of standard aromatherapy techniques.

Diffusing essential oils in an ionic diffuser is highly enjoyable and has many practical benefits for mood and health. A few drops of citrus oil such as Bergamot diffused with water will fill your home with a beautiful and lively scent. How does diffusing essential oils have such amazing effects? The scent alone is impactful as the aromatics from the essential oils enter the bloodstream upon inhalation. But this is just one of the ways essential oils can interact with our bodies to positively affect our being.

Topical application and Ingestion are also pathways for essential oils to directly affect the body. With these methods the essential oil enters through the skin, upper respiratory system, and/or digestive tract before entering the bloodstream, much in the same way as food, supplements and drugs. The essential oil compounds are then sorted and separated for use, filtered out by the kidney and liver, and ultimately excreted through sweat, exhalation, skin respiration and urine.

Topical application is as simple as mixing (aromatizing) 1-3 drops of an essential oil such as Lavender into a teaspoon of lotion or one of Veriditas by Pranarom’s Virgin Plant Oils. The mixture can then be applied to the skin. This kind of aromatherapy is key to unlocking many common uses for essential oils such as skin care, facial care, immunity support and more. Topical application also offers thousands of options for personally formulated body-care products.

Ingestion of essential oils is best experienced through our Pranacaps, a revolutionary line of aromatherapy capsules developed by medical doctors. These certified organic capsules contain essential oils properly blended for maximum results. Try the Pranarom Aromastress Mandarin Capsules, Resistance Oregano Capsules, Immunessence Defense Capsules, and Digestarom Digestive Capsules, following the recommendations on the packaging.

Many Veriditas by Pranarom organic essential oils and Virgin Plant Oils are ingestible; however, one must properly prepare the oils and make sure that they are safe for the desired use.

Generally, essential oils are taken in a ratio of 1 drop to 1/2 teaspoon of honey, 1-3 times a day for 5-7 days. After this dosage, a break of 2-4 weeks is recommended to allow the body to respond and achieve homeostasis. Using essential oils internally should not be thought of as a daily supplement; the exception is citrus oils, which may be used ongoing. Always consult with a certified aromatherapist/qualified healthcare practitioner for safety guidelines and discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

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