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Aromatherapy Candle DIY

Simple. Pure. 100% Natural. Who doesn’t love the scent of a beautiful candle? But did you know that many candles are made with toxic ingredients? While store-bought candles smell amazing, often times they are made with waxes and wicks that contain toxins. Making your own candles is very simple, and who doesn’t love something handmade. You only need a handful of ingredients. So, let’s get started. First you will need a container for your candle. You could use a metal tin or a glass jar . We chose glass, so you can see the beauty in the layers of the different colors of wax. There are so many jar options available, from recycled jelly jars to ones you can buy in craft stores and on the web. Next you will need wax. Here we are using beeswax . There are many waxes on the market, but we love the organic feel of beeswax. Beeswax comes in different forms: blocks of beeswax and pastilles. The pastilles are mini pellets of beeswax that melt much quicker. You will also find a couple of options i

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