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Oh, Baby! Introducing PranaKids Topicals.

Gentle. Pure. Certified Organic. Formulated especially for little ones, our PranaKids products harness the goodness of essential oils for gentle, nurturing care. From diffusion blends to soothing topical treatments, our pure, plant-based options are perfect for even the youngest members of the family. Let’s check out the lineup! First Aid Gel Nothing soothes a boo boo more that our gentle first-aid blend providing topical relief for your adventurous youngster. Certified organic essential oils of Helichrysum, Cypress, Turmeric and Mint are enriched with Arnica and Tamanu to soothe and support healing. This product is great for soothing bumps and bruises and is great to have in your medicine cabinet and diaper bag when you’re out and about. Calming Diaper Balm Many of the commercial products on the market today can be harsh on a baby’s skin, especially in the diaper area. We have formulated a gentle botanical blend to soothe and protect your child’s skin without the potential for irritat

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