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Precious Flower Water Hydrosols

WHAT IS A HYDROSOL? First let’s get to the basics. What is a hydrosol? Simply put, a hydrosol is an aromatic water that is the co-product of distillation. When essential oils are made, the plant matter is put into a large still with water. The water is then heated, and steam is produced. Since essential oils are hydrophobic, meaning they separate from water, the essential oils rise to the top. The residual water left over after steam distillation is a hydrosol. While hydrosols don’t contain essential oils, they do contain about 1-2% of the chemical constituents of the oil. The aromas of Hydrosols are much lighter and more subtle since they are not concentrated like an essential oil. They are gentle and safe for most everyone. Our new Precious Flower Water Hydrosols are distilled from fresh blossoms, never dried material, resulting in delightfully scented aromatic waters that are suitable for even the most delicate skin. Non-aerosol compressed air technology preserves the vitality of th

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