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Grasse Diffusion Blends: Aromatics from the Perfume Capital of the World.

Take a trip with us into the marvelous city of Grasse, France: the inspiration for and birthplace of six Pranarom diffusion blends, and the perfume capital of the world. 

In the southeast corner of France, surrounded by the Cote d'Azur, Provence and the French Alps, is the town of Grasse. This colorful medieval town is ideally situated for growing some of the world's most exquisite aromatic botanicals, and through the years has become a hub for talented artists who skillfully blend the plant essences into complex and beautiful perfumes.

The town's origin, however, was anything but sweet-smelling. Before the 1600s, Grasse was primarily known for its leather production. The tanning process involved the bacteria enzymes of animal waste to ferment the leather, making it soft and workable but leaving behind an extremely unpleasant odor.

The solution, of course, was perfume. And Grasse, with its unique microclimate and geographic placement, was perfect for growing and sourcing a…

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