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Small & Precious: 1 ml Essential Oils

Explore our most coveted essential oils - now in NEW packaging! From the exotic fields of Morocco to the rose valleys of Bulgaria, your passport to luxury awaits! Within these tiny bottles, each precious drop is highly prized for it’s rare and unique qualities making it truly something special. Rose Otto Our Rose Otto hails from the Valley of Roses, deep in Bulgaria. Harvesting the roses to make this essential oil requires great dexterity and patience. The flowers are carefully cut by hand early in the morning, one by one, and laid gently in baskets before being sent off for distillation. It takes 5.5 million roses to make one liter of rose oil, making this oil one of the most expensive oils in the world. Often referred to as “liquid gold”, each drop of rose essential oil is made from 30 roses. Rose is traditionally associated with the heart and emotions, soothing heart-ache and sadness while encouraging positive feelings of love and understanding.  This oil is also g reat for mature

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