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Botanically Inspired Gifts

It’s just a few days before Christmas, but maybe you (like us!!) still have some special gifts to find. Here are our favorite ideas for thoughtful aromatic gifts that are sure to please. With only a few simple components these can be whipped up in no time at all. 

*For essential oils, use your own favorites, or try some of our go-to combinations: Calming & Relaxing = Lavender & Peppermint Balancing Woods = Black Spruce & Sandalwood Refreshing & Stimulating = Bergamot & Ginger These can be blended in any ratio you like. We tend to prefer 50/50, but feel free to experiment! *Only use metal or glass mixing bowls and utensils – wood and plastic may absorb essential oils. *Any carrier oils will do for these recipes, but we recommend those with mild aromas (such as Calendula or Argan) so that the essential oils can really come through. DIY Bath Salts      -1 C Epsom salts -1 T Carrier Oil        -10-15 drops of essential oils        -Glass container with wide mouth and lid      …

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