Getting To Know Virgin Plant Oils and Macerates

A virgin oil is the first pressing of cold pressed nuts, fruits, or seeds that have not been chemically refined. Cold pressing allows the plant material to retain its natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The first pressing of the plant material is the most potent and nutrient dense, and therefore the most prized. Not all plants can be cold pressed, however, and that is when we use a process called “macerating”.

Macerating has existed for hundreds of years and is a quite simple though lengthy process. A macerate is obtained by immersing the plant or plant parts in a high quality base oil, usually sunflower seed oil, and letting the plant material infuse the oil for several weeks.

Essential oils are different from both virgin oils and macerates because they are obtained through steam vapor distillation, and are far more potent. Due to their potency certain Essential Oils should be diluted before being applied to the skin. Plant oils are often referred to as carrier oils because they are an excellent vehicle for “carrying” essential oils into the deeper layers of tissue. Our organic virgin plant oils and macerates are absolutely decadent on their own, but are even better when blended with essential oils. Get to know them all on our website.


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