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Meet Sophie Nicolas

We were so grateful, impressed, and charmed after speaking to Sophie Nicolas that we simply couldn't wait to share her with you! Her depth of knowledge, thoughtfulness, and passion for Aromatherapy and Holistic Wellness is apparent and contagious!

Sophie was born, grew up and was trained in France in the French Medical Aromatherapy Method. In France and other parts of European Pharmacy, herbs and essential oils go hand in hand. Please join us in welcoming Sophie Nicolas as our first Expert Spotlight. Thank you Sophie Nicolas!

Sophie Nicolas
Doctor Of Pharmacy PhD
Scientific Aromatherapy 

1. When and how did your journey into Essential Oil and Wellness begin?

My name is Sophie, I am French and from France. I lived all my life in Lyon, the city of the father of Aromatherapy, René Maurice Gattefossé and also the Doctor Valnet! I am so proud to be from there!

I am a Doctor of Pharmacy, which I earned in France. I have worked in a
pharmacy in France for over 16 years in the position of Deputy Head Pharmacist, and I have successfully established the Pranarôm essential oils product line there.

I have always been passionate about phytotherapy, botanicals, essential oils, natural and plant-based products, and how they can maintain and improve my patients’s health and quality of life. My olfactory sense is very keen. I chose my job because of my passion and my fascination with health, medicine, pharmacology and wellbeing, but also because I always loved the smell of a French pharmacy (the scent of herbal and medicinal products). I became very interested in aromatherapy 8 years ago as a totally natural approach to medicine when I was chosen to be the Pharmacy Manager at Pranarôm. I was responsible for implementing the full line of essential oils and unique products of Pranarôm.

2. Who or what has been the most influential to you in the formation of your own practice?

I am very thankful for everyone who shared their knowledge of French Scientific Aromatherapy with me: the Pranarôm team, Doctors Goëb, Pesoni, and Baudoux.It was a great experience for me and a real success in my career. I learned a lot about this wonderful world of aromatherapy and well-being.

My family and I arrived in the US 3 years ago, and I didn’t know anything about the usage of EO in US. I was very delighted and excited to discover the American Aromatherapy approach. I really like the holistic approach and the dermal application in creating unique synergies. In order to continue my Aromatherapy exploration and extend my knowledge I am taking classes in NYIOA and The School of Aromatic studies (to be a certified Aromatherapist and learn more about the botanical body care products).I am also very grateful to have the opportunity to work with the people at Veriditas. Their work and depth of knowledge are admirable and amazing.

3. What is your favorite testimonial from a client, customer, or friend?

This happened to my friend from the US ... The first day of the year, after a New Year’s Eve party with all of his friends at his house, my friend decided to help her wife in cleaning champagne glasses. Unfortunately, he broke a glass and he cut his finger. He didn’t want to go to the hospital for that, and the Urgent Care was closed at this time. He called me and we decided to clean the wound properly with water and soap. Then we proceeded to a properly disinfect with Povidone- Iodine solution and place some steri-strips skin closures on the wound to help it close. We protected it with a sterile compress and a band-aid. 48 hours later, we removed the strips and the wound was clean and nice but the healing was slow. I decided to make him a salve to promote wound healing and repair and disinfect the wound.

I created a salve in a 10% dilution with the synergy of 3 powerful EO’s : Tea Tree, Lavender and Helichrysum. My friend has been very surprised by the salve benefits and the speed of the healing. After a few weeks using the salve we observed vast improvement in the healing process.

I have many amazing experiences in my daily Aromatic experience in France. I have observed a powerful effect of EO in the respiratory system. 

My Top 3 EOs are:
Ravintsara, with its antiviral effect
Eucalyptus radiata, for its mucolytic, antiviral, antibacterial properties
Cypress, for its calming action on the cough

I am also a "fan" of this amazing finished product from Pranarom:
Aromaforce. It is a very useful product and can be very helpful during the winter season for curative and preventative benefits. Made of Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiata, Lavandin super, Niaouli, Rosmarinus, Ravinstara, Peppermint, Tea tree and Clove essential oils. This blend is amazing in diffusion, dermal application, inhalation, and very helpful for all the winter diseases. In France we can also use the EO ingestion, oral route. It is very effective but needs to be advised by a professional.

4. What EO was your gateway Essential Oil -- the one that started it all?

Sadly, I suffer from hereditary migraine, like my father and my grandmother. Before knowing EO’s, I was taking a lot of medicine : Triptan, codeine, etc…but since I started using EO’s I have seen a really positive effect on my health because I can take less medicine; only Tylenol and Advil when it is necessary. My safe oil is Peppermint. I created a magic blend roll on to calm my migraines with Peppermint, Wintergreen, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense, and Lavender in a 20% dilution roll on.

In my family life with my 3 daughters (8, 13 and 15), we use EO blends every day for their little acheys. I created a few «Rescue Blends »: 
« Stomach Pain », « Help Mummy I Can’t Sleep », « Muscle Soreness », « Acne Lotion », « I Have A Cold » and more… 

I am very satisfied by the power of EO’s but I always recommend to take professional advice before using any EO.These products are certainly natural but they are very potent. Using EO’s without advice and knowledge may have negative effects on your health, in particular with kids, asthmatics, epileptic people and in pregnancy.

5. What is your favorite Veriditas by Pranarom product to use in your daily life?

The Rose Regenerative is my favorite. It has a powerful effect on my skin. I have a daily routine. Every morning I spray Rose Otto Hydrosol by Veriditas, then I use few drops of Argan Oil with 1 drop of Rose Regenerative. For evenings I created an oil cream with Rose Regenerative in a 1% dilution. It rejuvenates my old and stressed skin! I really enjoy this product!

My favorite blend to start my day is Sweet Orange by Veriditas - Clary Sage by Veriditas, and Lavender by Veriditas in a diffuser. I like the way it makes me feel: happy, relaxed, content, and it makes me ready to start a great day!


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