DIY Holiday Bath Salt Ornaments

My mother and I both had this same idea this year for gifts. What can I say? Great minds…
I love this idea because there is enough bath salt in the ornaments for 2-4 baths, depending on how much your gift receiver uses, plus when they have used all of the bath salt they have a cute ornament to enjoy for years to come. You could even decorate the ornament a little bit with puff paint, glass etching cream, ribbon… the possibilities are endless. Get creative or keep it simple- you can’t lose.

What You’ll Need:

4-10 Glass ornaments
2 Cups Epsom Salts
½ Cup Powdered Milk
½ Cup Baking Soda
½ Cup Dead Sea Salts
1/3 Cup Almond Oil
1tsp Mica per color if desired (food coloring is also an option)
10-20 Drops Veriditas Lavender angustifolia Essential Oil
10-15 Drops Veriditas Peppermint Essential Oil
Rubber Bands, Twine, or Hot Glue
Glass Bowl
Wooden Spoon

How To Make:

• Pour epsom salts, powdered milk, baking soda and Dead Sea salts into a glass bowl. Stir well.
• Add almond oil and Essential Oils and stir until completely combined.
• If you don’t want to add color, skip the next step.
• If you want to try coloring your bath salts pour equal amounts into different glass bowls and try add mica or food coloring. If you are using food coloring add only 1 drop at a time and then stir well until desired color is achieved.
• Pour your bath salts into your ornaments using your funnel.
• To make sure the tops stay on your ornaments, you may want to secure them using rubber bands, twine, or a dot of hot glue. The bath salts make the ornaments heavy, which makes the top come off, so this is an important step! Just be sure not to secure them so tightly that they can’t be reopened.

** Do not use plastic ornaments, bowls, or instruments. Essential Oils break down plastic.


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