Top 5 Holiday Survival Essential Oils

The holiday season is just around the corner, and many of us will be braving the impending winter chill to travel near and far to celebrate the holidays with our families.
We previously shared with you our favorite Essential Oils for travel (read it here), but with the holidays and family in mind we have put together for you our Top 5 Holiday Survival Essential Oils.

     Mental Clarity! If motion sickness plagues you or anyone in your family, or if you are planning on driving for long hours and need some help staying alert, Mental Clarity is your new best friend. This blend contains Basil, Peppermint, Rosemary cineol, Grapefruit, and Lavender which help to energize and soothe your mind and adrenals, but also help to alleviate symptoms associated with nausea.

     Gumdropps is so versatile! It can be used as a mouthwash, toothpaste, and breath freshener. One bottle of Gumdropps and a toothbrush and you are all set for all of your oral hygiene needs. So easy, organic, and compact!

     Good Samaritan has super germ fighting powers and will help support your immune system with all those airport and gas station germ encounters. You can add 2 drops to lotion for a super effective, natural hand sanitizer, or sweep a few drop over your clothes. For a super immune system kick add 2 drops of Immunity Boost and 2 drops of Good Samaritan to lotion and apply to hands.

     Stress Recovery is specifically formulated to help soothe the nervous system and ease cravings. If you are trying to stick to a diet, kick a habit, or simply need a little extra help keeping stress to a minimum, Stress Recovery has got you covered.

      Digestive Massage Tonic soothes abdominal tension, discomfort, and occasional constipation. If you get travel tummy or need a little help digesting all those delicious holiday treats just rub 3-4 drops diluted in lotion on your abdomen and soon you’ll be right as rain.

Happy holiday season and safe travels from all of us at Veriditas!


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