Easy DIY Natural Fabric Refresher

These Fabric Refresher recipes are awesome for all reasons, seasons and fabrics, but especially fall and winter. Fall is my favorite time of year. You get to layer up on clothes, break out all your favorite scarves and sweaters, and cuddle up on the sofa under a cozy throw. 

Many textiles can be tricky to deodorize or disinfect between washings- like scarves, coats, comforters, pillows, gloves, etc. Around my house couches, chairs, and rugs are what I use fabric refresher on most, since we have a much beloved but occasionally stinky shedding dog. Many commercial fabric refreshers can have chemicals that are irritating to sensitive skin and pets, and they can be quite expensive. For these reasons and more we have three lovely fabric refresher recipes for you to choose from. 

What you will need:

1 oz cheap vodka*
3 oz distilled water
An empty glass 4oz cobalt or amber spray bottle**
20-30 drops Veriditas Lavender Essential Oil 
OR 20 drops Veriditas Mental Clarity 
OR 10-15 drops Veriditas Good Samaritan 

To Make:
Pour vodka into glass spray bottle
Add Essential Oils of your choice
Top off with distilled water
Replace cap
Shake to combine

Gentle Lavender Fabric Refresher
Effect: Relaxing, soothing, gentle
Aroma: Floral, herbaceous, sweet
Best for Use On:
Most fabrics but especially bedding, upholstery, carpets, scarves, blankets, coats, cars, dog beds, pillows, etc.
Of the three this one is safest for use around babies, children, and pets.

Mental Clarity Fabric Refresher
Effect: Helps bring concentration, promotes deep breathing, invigorating, relaxing
Aroma: Minty, herbaceous, fresh
Best For Use On:
School backpacks, yoga blankets, aerial silks, curtains, rugs, bathroom mats, workout clothes etc.

Good Samaritan Fabric Refresher
Effect: Kills bacteria, slows mold growth, promotes immunity, uplifting
Aroma: Spicy, sweet, woody,
Best For Use On: Upholstery, carpets, coats, gloves, scarves, etc.
Avoid use around children and pets!

To Use:
Spray a small patch of your fabric and allow to dry before using on a larger area.
Alcohol as a spray can be irritating to the lungs, so make sure to hold away from your face and/or have the room clear of pets, children, and people if you are spraying a large area.
Spray about a foot away from your target area and coat to desired amount (a little goes a long way!) and allow to dry before use.

*The vodka helps the water and the Essential Oil blend together. It also aids the Essential Oil in cleaning and disinfecting. If you don't have vodka you can make these recipes without it, but they may not be as effective. Do not use rubbing alcohol instead. 

**We have said it before, but it bears repeating. Do not use most plastic bottles with Essential Oils. Even diluted, Essential Oils break down anything with a petroleum base, and this includes most plastics. There are plastics that are safe to use with Essential Oils and they will say HDPE on them, which means they are High Density Polyethylene, and therefore safe to use. 


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