Tom's Seriously Delicious Pickle Recipe

Our coworker, Tom made these pickles with our Essential Oils. He brought in a jar to share with us (thanks Tom) and they were gone inside of a few hours! Tom has been kind enough to share with us, and therefore with you, the recipe for his seriously delicious pickles.

This recipe makes 6 quart sized jars of pickles.


4 cups water
8 cups white distilled vinegar
1 cup salt
1 large bulb of garlic
12 Bay leaves to keep the pickles crispy
Cucumbers (About 4 lbs.How many or if you need to cut them will really depend on the size of the cucumbers. He used 3-4 inch whole cucumbers.)
Veriditas Dill Essential Oil
Veriditas Black Pepper Essential Oil

Start by sanitizing your lids by boiling them in a hot water bath for ten minutes. This helps the wax around the top of the lid to adhere and make a complete seal.

Assembling the jar:

3 medium cloves garlic (each)
2 Bay leaves 
Cucumbers (Enough to fill each jar snugly)

Stack the cucumbers length wise to the top nice and tight leaving 1/4 - 1/2 inch space at the top.
Set aside.

To make brine:

4 cups water
8 cups white distilled vinegar
1 cup salt

Combine all ingredients in a large pot and bring to a boil.

Add 14 drops Veriditas Dill Essential Oil
Add 12 drops Veriditas Black Pepper Essential Oil
Boil for another 5 minutes and remove from heat.

While this is boiling fill a large pot with water and bring to a boil.

Pour the brine up to the fill line of each jar, completely covering the pickles, but do not overfill the jar.
Screw on the lids.

To seal:

Place closed jars in the boiling water for 15 minutes each. 
Carefully remove the jars from heat with a tongs, an oven mitt, or a canning tool and allow to cool.

Enjoy!! Good luck keeping them around for very long!


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