Black Spruce Essential Oil

Susan at The Wedge Co-op describes our Black Spruce perfectly;
“Walking in to the special deep forest... like Hansel & Gretel, but without the witch.”

Black Spruce, scientifically Picea mariana, has an unbelievably wonderful, woody, forest scent that takes you right into the woods. Black Spruce Essential Oil is considered an adrenal tonic and is traditionally known for helping with overwhelming stress, emotional turbulence, and for greater balance. Black Spruce is excellent for use in your yoga or meditation practice. It can be used with all populations and is non-toxic, gentle, and safe.

Black Spruce Essential Oil is described by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in 'Advanced Aromatherapy' as particularly suited to supporting depleted and overworked adrenal glands.

Recipes For Black Spruce

For kidney and adrenal support:

5% Black Spruce
5% Pine Wild Scotch
90% Hazelnut oil

Apply to kidney area regularly.

For a dreamy diffuser blend that will transport you outdoors:

5 Drops Black Spruce
4 Drops Jasmine Perfume
2 Drops Bergamot


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