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All About Hydrosols

Hydrosols are the water coproduct produced during the distillation of essential oils. Every essential oil creates a hydrosol. A common misconception about hydrosols are that they are water with essential oils added to them. They are not, and have different properties than their essential oil counterparts.

To make Veriditas Lavender Hydrosol the Lavender flowers are grown in Certified Organic Soil by French Farmers in the Drome Valley. The flowers are harvested at maturity and immediately brought into the distillation chamber. The distillation process is a large screen filled with many pounds of Lavender over the top of heated water. The steam rises through the pressurized herbs becoming infused with Lavender and is channeled out through pipes to be cooled. When the steam condenses and cools, the essential oil separates by floating on the surface of the water, leaving us with Organic Lavender Hydrosol and Essential Oil. The hydrosol is then collected, UV filtered, and brought to you!

Hydrosols hydrate, tone and refresh your skin naturally. They are most commonly used as facial toners to firm and balance the complexion and can help to cool the skin on hot days or during hot flashes. Especially if kept in the refrigerator! They also make your hair super soft. Hydrosols are extremely gentle, so they are safe to use while pregnant or nursing and around babies and pets. You can also take them internally!

Hydrosols make great bases for blending your own sprays; for room spritzers, aftershave, bug repellent, linen refreshers, yoga mat cleaners, bathroom, room, or car freshening sprays, sun screens, and the list goes on.

Follow the links and check out the recipe cards and informational  card below for many different ways to use Hydrosols and to read more about each one! 


As a room spray:

For Natural Skincare:

Which Hydrosol is right for me?

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