Veriditas By Pranarom

Heading out in the sun? Avoid applying these Essential Oils.

The majority of essential oils are great to use just about any time, but some are to be avoided before direct sun exposure. This is because the oils are phototoxic, meaning they can cause irritation to the skin when exposed to sunlight. 

These oils are: Lemon, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Angelica root, Lime, and Mandarin. All make the skin more sensitive to sunlight and may potentially cause dark spots or sunburns. 

These oils should be avoided 6-12 hrs. before direct sun exposure. There is no concern if these essential oils are diffused in the air, used in a mist, applied to skin under clothing, or ingested. Veriditas blends that contain these oils but in low dilutions make them safe for use before sun. These blends include Good Samaritan, Rose Regenerative, and Stress Recovery. All hydrosols are safe to use before, during and after sun exposure. 

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