Anise For Hunting And Fishing

Anise Essential Oil, scientifically known as Pimpinella Anisum, is very effective at covering the human scent and has long been used as an attractant to many creatures including catfish, bass, deer, and bear. This makes it a very valuable tool to hunters and fishers alike.
The DIY recipes below will help you up your fishing and hunting game (no pun intended) naturally.

Fishing - Make a scent camouflaging attractant spray

What you’ll need:
• Cod Liver Oil
• Veriditas Anise Essential Oil
• 4oz spray bottle
• Towel

Fill your spray bottle with cod liver oil
Add 40 drops of Veriditas Essential Oil
Shake well

Lay your lures, weights, lines, and any other equipment out on a towel and spray
Allow to dry
Flip and spray the other side
Allow to dry
May be reapplied as needed between castings

Hunting - Make a deer and bear attracting scent cover

What you’ll need:
• An old rag or bandana that can be stained
• Veriditas Anise Essential Oil
• Veriditas Cedar, Atlas Essential Oil (optional)
• A 4oz spray bottle
• Vegetable oil or other carrier oil (not coconut oil)

Fill your spray bottle with your carrier oil, leaving about an inch of room at the top
Add 40 drops of Veriditas Anise Essential Oil
Add 10 drops of Veriditas Cedar, Atlas Essential Oil
Shake well
Spray and coat your rag or bandana thoroughly
Wrap and tie it around your wrist or ankle
You can even bring your spray bottle with to reapply
Remember Essential Oils can stain clothes!
Also useful to spray on deer blinds.

Happy hunting.

article by: Beth Onward


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