Spotlight On Rose Otto Essential Oil

Veriditas Rose Otto, scientifically known as Rosa Damascena, is organic and is steam distilled in Bulgaria. For centuries people in Bulgaria have been specializing in the extraction of Pure Rose Otto Essential Oil. Their climate and many other environmental factors contribute to making this the ideal location to grow roses for use in Essential Oil.
It takes approximately 4000 kilos of rose petals to produce 1 kilo of pure Rose Otto Essential Oil. It takes 5.5 million roses to produce just one liter of organic rose Essential Oil. That means there are 30 roses in each drop. Think of the organic land mass you are supporting by purchasing organic Essential Oils!

If your Rose Otto solidifies at times in cooler temperatures this is actually a good sign because it means the natural waxes in the plant are still present, meaning it has not been extended or diluted. The easiest solution is to warm it between your hands, under warm water, or carry it in your pocket for a while.

How To Use:
Rose Otto Essential Oil is excellent for skin care, promoting cellular regeneration, nourishing skin, stimulating collagen production, and it is a powerful antioxidant. All of these things makes it a key ingredient in our Rose Regenerative Facial Oil.

When using Rose Otto on the skin it is best to dilute it in a carrier oil like Rose Hip Seed or Jojoba in a ratio of 1/10 or 1 drop Rose Otto to 10 drops carrier oil. Apply it to pulse points, or behind your ears as a perfume.

Rose Otto has been a known aphrodisiac for centuries. Try diffusing it in your bedroom to take advantage of this benefit.
When diffusing Rose Otto, add 2-3 drops to warm water to keep it from solidifying.
Try 6 drops of sandalwood and 2 drops of Rose Otto in your diffuser for a romantic evening.

Major Constituents of Bulgarian Rose Otto: 
Alkenes & alkanese
Citronellyl acetate

Blends Well With:
Ylang ylang


  1. This is the most heavenly smell of roses that I ever experienced ! This lovely rose essential Aroma oilsis perfect for my skin formulas or for diffusing into the air. It has a beautiful scent and is worth the money as you don't need much.


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