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Mother's Day DIY Gift Roundup

In need of some DIY gift ideas for Mom? We've got you covered.

Luxurious Bath Salts

Here's what you're going to need:
    a 750 ml jar (or whatever size you have)
    Epsom salt (I used a finely milled variety, but the chunkier kind will work just as well)
    dried Lavender flowers
    dried Rose petals
    Veriditas By Pranarōm essential oils of: Lavender Reserve, Rose Otto, Neroli, Sweet Orange

·   To your glass jar, add 1 pound of Epsom salts.
·   Add the following essential oils: 5 drops of Lavender Reserve, 3 drops of Rose Otto, 2 drops of Neroli, and 3 drops of Sweet Orange. Stir well until the essential oils are evenly distributed throughout your salts...then stir a little longer for good measure (they usually take longer to distribute than we think).
·   Add in 1 handful of dried Lavender flowers and 1 handful of dried Rose petals. Stir to incorporate.
To enjoy your gorgeous bath salts, add 2-3 TBSP of the mixture to your bath.

Make Your Own Reed Diffuser Tips:

    Choose a vessel that is meant to hold liquid. A bud vase meant for cut flowers is usually the perfect choice. 
    Choose a vessel that is not porous on the inside. You want your vase to be glazed or
    "finished" on the inside so your carrier oil and essential oils don't just soak into the vase or seep through.
    Choose a vessel with a narrow opening. This will help slow down the evaporation rate of your essential oils so your diffuser will last longer.
    Use reeds meant for a reed diffuser if you can find them. If they're not available near you, just use bamboo skewers. They're inexpensive and easy to find at any grocery shop.
    You can use whatever carrier oil you like. Keep in mind that some oils, like coconut and avocado, will solidify in cooler temperatures, so if it gets chilly where you live, you'll want to avoid those during the cooler months.
    Keep your diffuser away from mischievous kitties or curious children. Keep it where it won't damage carpet or flooring if there is an accidental spill.
To make your reed diffuser, use a funnel to fill your vessel about halfway full with your carrier oil. Add your chosen essential oil blend (see suggestions below). Place your reeds or skewers in your vase and enjoy! You'll want to flip your reeds over every so often to refresh the scent and get the oil traveling up the reeds in the other direction.

Blend Suggestions:
    Peppermint and Vanilla Perfume (or Cocoa Perfume)
    Coffee and Cardamom
    Lemon and Sweet Lime
•  Sandalwood and Rose

Women’s Roll-on Perfume

To make this recipe, you will need:
    A roller bottle (we're using an 8ml size)
    Rose infused jojoba (You can infuse your own jojoba with organic rose petals or Rose Absolute or you can use our Rose Perfume to save time and money - it is a Rose Absolute infused jojoba.)
    Organic essential oils of Rose Otto, Sandalwood, and Vetiver

·   8 ml of Rose infused jojoba (or our Rose Perfume)
·   7 drops of Rose Otto 
·   5 drops of Sandalwood
·   2 drops of Vetiver

Add your essential oils to your roller bottle, then fill the bottle with your Rose infused base. Insert the roller ball and attach the cap, then shake well until the essential oils are evenly distributed. The different scents will "marry" together in the bottle over the next few days and the scent may change slightly. After a few days, test your perfume and adjust the recipe to your taste. You're going to love our Rose - it's a beautiful, luxurious scented essential oil that smells fresh and clean and not at all like the synthetic rose fragrances you find around town. The Vetiver and Sandalwood are calming and grounding and balance out the floral notes of Rose to perfection. It's a lovely blend. We hope you enjoy it.

Fizzing Bath Bombs

Recipe makes 18-20 bath bombs when using a standard cupcake liner sized mold.

    4 cups of baking soda (aluminum free)
    2 cups of citric acid
    8 teaspoons of cocoa butter
    3 teaspoons of water
    organic essential oil from Veriditas Botanicals
    dried herbs for decoration
    silicon molds (I used silicon cupcake liners, but you could use any shape you like. There are some beautiful rose-shaped molds, among many other options.)
    natural food coloring (optional)

·   In a double boiler over medium heat, melt your cocoa butter. Once it is melted, remove from heat and add in the water and your choice of skin-safe, bath-safe essential oils. I used Lavender and Rose Otto for these floral bath bombs.
·  In a large mixing bowl, combine your baking soda and citric acid and stir or whisk until they are thoroughly mixed.. 
·   Add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients (sometimes it will fizz a little when you pour it in - don't worry). 
·   Mix well until everything is fully combined. (Optional: add in natural food coloring.)
·   Add a little bit of dried herb to the bottom of each mold (if desired).
·   Scoop your mixture into your molds and let set for 1-2 hours.
·   Remove your bath bombs from the molds and let them air dry overnight on a kitchen towel. 
·   Wrap them up to give as gifts or place them in a pretty jar on your bathroom counter. Enjoy by adding one bath bomb to the tub when you're preparing your next warm bath!

Essential Oil Gift Sets

Create a lovely gift set by choosing a carrying case and filling it with their favorite Veriditas By Pranarōm Essential Oils.

Perfume Making Gift Set:
Vanilla Perfume, Cocoa Perfume, Jasmine Perfume, Rose Perfume, Neroli, Vetiver, Ylang Ylang, Jojoba, Sandalwood

Cullinary Gift Set:
Basil linalol, Cinnamon bark, Lemon, Ginger, Sage, Dill, Oregano, Orange, Peppermint

Cleaning Citrus Gift Set:
Lemon, Orange, Lime, Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Neroli, Tea tree, Lavender

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