The Meaning of Veriditas

Veriditas is the simple marriage of two Latin words: Green and Truth.

Coined by the 12th century abbess, Hildegard Von Bingen, the word “Veriditas” (pronounced: ver id ee tas) describes nature’s divine healing power, transferred from plants to humans. In her works the meaning has been translated in various ways, such as freshness, vitality, fertility, fecundity, fruitfulness, verdure, or growth. Veriditas is a metaphor for spiritual and physical health.

Hildegard Von Bingen 

We believe that by combining nature’s vitality with time-tested practices and modern discernment, a model for self-care evolves.
We encourage you to discover and experience the living green of Veriditas.


  1. Why don't you provide GC/MS reports to customers? I see that your website states it's because you have to maintain those reports for every batch and essential and it is time prohibitive to create those reports for each customer who requests them, so why not just provide them on your website? There are numerous consumer groups now fundraising thousands of dollars to test various essential oils, some that have been tested already are YL, Aromatics International, Heritage, Plant Therapy, Mountain Rose, and numerous others, the reports are coming in daily and the ones passing happen to be the same companies that provide GC/MS reports either when they are requested or already posted for each batch on their website. This has made consumers skeptical, and with reason, of those that refuse to provide the reports. One company that had 5 oils tested by consumers already has shown they are all pure and constituents are within therapeutic range and they are one of the companies that list the GC/MS results on their website for each batch of oil so clearly it is worth it to them to have that trust from their customers, why isn't it for Veriditas? As someone who has used your oils many times in the past, have over 12 5ml bottles in my fridge right now, I am refraining from further use and future purchases until you either provide your GC/MS reports or your oils are tested by customers, which I am assuming the latter will happen first since your company name has already made it on the list of those that people want to see tested.

  2. You read our minds exactly! Our website is currently being rebuilt and one of our goals is to be able to provide this data on every oil. We appreciate that you care about quality so much, and we’re taking great measures to make this information more readily available in a we can continually sustain


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