Calming Bedtime Lotion to Help Support Restful Sleep

If you're like me, getting into bed and trying to go to sleep means your creative brain turns on...which is great (I love creativity and developing new ideas), except that when it happens, I would really like to just go to sleep so I can rest and wake up refreshed the next day. Can you relate? Then you're going to love this easy recipe for a calming bedtime lotion. Even the busiest of tired mamas will be able to whip this one up in just a couple minutes!

What You Need:
  • your favorite unscented lotion
  • a sterilized glass jar
  • a glass stirring rod
  • Veriditas' Sleep Aid formula
How to Make It:
  1. Add your unscented lotion to your sterilized glass jar. I like to use 4 ounce glass jars when working with lotion blends.
  2. For every ounce of lotion you are using, add 10-12 drops of the Veriditas by Pranarom Sleep Aid formula.  
  3. Use your glass stirring rod to thoroughly mix the essential oils into the lotion. This will take a little longer than you think it will, so make sure you mix the lotion for a good 2 minutes or so.
To Use It:
Apply to your chest and/or arms and hands just before bed. Focus on breathing deeply as you massage it into your skin. Enjoy!


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