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Soap-Free Face Wash + 3 Skin-Nourishing Blends

Today we're sharing one of our absolute favorite recipes for a soap-free face wash that's sure to delight your skin! With several options provided for skin-nourishing facial blends, this recipe can easily be tailored to your skin type and preferences.

One of my absolute favorite soap-free face wash recipes is this one from Andrea Butje's blog. It's such a beautiful, simple blend and suits my skin perfectly! I find myself turning to it often, as my skin does not like the harsh ingredients found even in some natural face washes. The Aloe vera in this recipe is one of my favorite ingredients for personal care and beauty products. It easily penetrates the skin and provides a host of nutrients. Because it soaks in so efficiently, it is important to use only organic Aloe vera gel on your skin. My current favorite is the one by RealAloe.

Want to customize the face wash recipe? Here are some ideas - instead of 4 drops of Frankincense, as indicated in the original recipe, try using:
  • 2 drops Helichrysum + 2 drops Frankincense for a beautiful, skin rejuvenating mix.
  • 2 drops Rose Otto + 2 drops Lavender for a luxurious, floral, revitalizing blend.
  • 1 drop Rose Otto, 1 drop Helichrysum, 1 drop Lavender, 1 drop Neroli. Neroli is one of my favorite aromas and it has anti-bacterial properties that make it perfect in skin care blends!
I hope you enjoy this face wash recipe and that you'll take a few minutes to mix up a batch of your own. Do you have another recipe you like to use as part of your skin care routine? Share it in the comments below! We might feature your recipe in the future. =) Enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much for this recipe! Perhaps I'm missing something on my browser's view - I don't see Andrea's original recipe. Could you guide me to her original post you mention? Thanks!

    1. Where the blog post says: "One of my absolute favorite soap-free face wash recipes is this one from Andrea Butje's blog." Click on "this one." The letters of those two words are green and are a clickable link. Or just click here:

      Thanks! =) Hope that helps.
      Much love,
      Erin | blogging for Veriditas