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3 DIY Roll-On Recipes for Adults + Children

Roll-on essential oil blends are so simple to make and use. It's easy to see why they quickly become our favorites! Today we're sharing a few "must have" roll-on blends (including blends that can be used with kids!) that we think should be included in everyone's kit.

Roll-On Blends to Buy:
  1. Bug Bite Eraser - This one is so effective for relieving the nasty itch that comes with those pesky bug bites.
  2. Men's and Women's Deodorants - our popular deodorant blends in convenient roll-on applicators.
  3. Pain Relief - probably our most well-loved Wellness Formula!
Roll-On Blends to Make:
  1. Calming Roll-On Blend - Blend Sweet Orange, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile essential oils in organic jojoba (or your favorite carrier) at a 2% total dilution.
  2. Good Night Roll-On Blend - Blend Sweet Orange, Atlas Cedar, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, and Clary Safe at a 2% total dilution.
  3. Happy Tummy Roll-On Blend - Blend Douglas Fir, Cypress, and Spearmint at a 2-3% total dilution.
Note: These 3 DIY roll-on blends can be safe for short-term use with children when made at the proper dilution. To read more about our suggested guidelines for using essential oils with kids, please see this article.


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