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Veriditas vs. the MLM - 8 Ways We're Different

If you’re at all interested in essential oils, you’re familiar with the question, “What’s the difference between you and the MLM?” Because MLM companies’ specialty is marketing, they’ve become extremely popular in the essential oil space while  many people have become confused about essential oil quality. Today, we’re tackling this issue. What makes Veriditas different and why is it important?

Please note, this is not a competition between us and the MLM Companies. We are providing this information for those who are trying to educate themselves and learn more about essential oils – those who really want to know.
As a precursor, it is worthwhile to note that if you want to support a healthy planet, you should try to buy real, organic products, whatever they may be. Try to purchase only from reputable sources. For us, organic comes first because we must take care of our land. Healing comes second. Without an organic ecosystem and the protection of our beloved planet, there would not be any humans left to heal. In this sense, trying to heal the body with pesticide-laden foods / essential oils / etc. is almost doing more harm than good.
Okay, now…Are you ready to learn about some of the differences between us and the more popular places to buy essential oils?

8 Ways Veriditas is Different from the MLM Companies

  1. We are 100% Certified Organic. The other parties are not.
  2. We are not a multi-level marketing company. Actually, we are quite the opposite. We are trying not to grow. We purposely do not offer an online presence and we do not always have spaces available for new clients/stores.
  3. The 2 main MLM companies are said to do over a billion dollars in revenue per year. Revenue is not bad, but it is not our main focus. We try to keep our business small so we can focus on the more important aspects of this field. While their job is to market their products so people will buy them (which they do extremely well), our job is to educate people on the best way to care for our bodies and our planet using our products. While most of their sales consultants are not properly educated and are spreading inaccurate and, often dangerous, information to their customers and on the Internet, we are doing our best to help people learn how to safely and effectively use organic essential oils to support health and, at the same time, support responsible, sustainable farming.
  4. Veriditas gets most of our oils from a cooperative called SA Plantes aromatiques du Diois. This coop sells over 30% of the organic oils made in the world. Melissa also happens to work for them and represents them internationally. She knows all the “ins and outs” of the trade. Most companies selling essential oils are selling essential oils that have been “extended” with synthetics to produce products that will have a strong and unchanging smell. True organic oils only make up about 2% of the oils sold in the world.
  5. We try to be transparent while the MLM’s try to sell. MLM’s often tout their products as being the only “Therapeutic Grade” or “Certified Therapeutic Grade” essential oils available. In reality, there is no regulation in the essential oil industry, so this claim is misleading. Therapeutic grade is just an industry term that people use to indicate their products can be used on the skin or taken internally. There is actually a lot more that can be said about this, but this blog has said it pretty well. Click here to read their article. Here's another article worth reading. There are many more articles like this, even entire blogs that document their testing of the MLM company oils, but there are just two resources we believe are worth mentioning on the topic.
  6. Our products are ECOCERT FOOD/MEDICINE grade. There are two kinds of ECOCERT certifications. Cosmetic is one and Food/Medicine is the other. The cosmetic category falls under a much lower standard of quality and the testing is not as strict. The Food/Medicine grade involves rigorous testing and the USDA and NOP are the US standards that cover this international ECOCERT certification (we have all of the above). The MLM companies do not have any of these certifications.
  7. We do GCMS testing and pesticide testing of our oils. Even though a plant may be grown organically, there’s still a chance that the essential oil could contain pesticides or pesticide residues. Some parts of the world are just so saturated that it can be difficult to ensure the quality of even an organically grown plant. For this reason, we test our oils both ways and reject any that contain pesticides.  If you have heard that pesticides do not come through on the distillation, this is simply not true. There is a whole industry that deals with testing for pesticides in essential oils. This is one of the reasons why our oils are so amazing. Organically grown, pesticide free, Fair Trade, and grown and distilled to be used medicinally.
  8. We’re open to questions. We’ve heard many stories about the MLM companies not being willing to provide something as simple as the distillation date/season/origin of their oil to a customer. We know this information is important and we’re happy to provide it!
Overall, we’re committed to helping you and to helping our planet. We’re happy to provide as much information as we can along the way and we want to support you in your endeavor to learn more about these precious oils! You can read moreabout our favorite resources for learning here. Enjoy! 

Note: If you have a friend who buys/sells oils from one of the MLM companies, please don’t use this article to stir up strife. Arguing and trying to prove a point to someone who is not willing to listen or learn does not put anyone at an advantage. Just use the information for your own education and choose to support companies that sell only pure, organic essential oils. =) 


  1. Melissa Farris - you ROCK! I Love your Essential Oils! Katherine C. Wagner-Regula

  2. Switching to you from DoTerra. I am excited about supporting my local health store and quiting the MLM pyramid. Also, I just had a tooth extracted. Your "Gum Drops" blend is really nice. I think it is an excellent option for cleaning teeth!