DIY Post-Workout Muscle Rub Formula

Now that we're all spending more time at the gym, we figure it's time to share our favorite post-workout formula. This blend smells great and feels amazing. It's a perfect treat to rub into your muscles after your daily exercise regimen! It's also super easy to make. Ready for the recipe?

To each ounce of your favorite lotion, add:

  • 5 drops of our organic Lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops of our organic Frankincense essential oil
  • 3 drops of our organic Peppermint essential oil
You will love the beautiful combination of these 3 oils! The Lavender soothes and relaxes the muscles, while the Frankincense nourishes the skin and adds a refreshing note that is perfect when prepping for the day. The Peppermint provides just the right amount of that cooling action we love it for.

Make sure you mix all of the essential oils in well, then mix it some more. Essential oils mix into lotion much more slowly than we think and you want to ensure that your oils are well diluted into the lotion before applying it to your skin. Enjoy!


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