DIY Reed Diffuser Recipes

I like my home to smell all kinds of festive this time of year, especially when I know I am using beautiful organic essential oils to scent my space instead of artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals. There are so many beautiful, yummy ways (like these candles and these diffuser blends) to make my home smell good. Right now I am especially liking DIY reed diffusers. I enjoy choosing a vessel that coordinates with my decor and it's so simple to customize my blend. I like that the scent is noticeable, but not overpowering. Read below for some tips on making your own + some ideas for blends to try in your own reed diffuser.

Tips for Making Your Own Reed Diffuser:
  • Choose a vessel that is meant to hold liquid. A bud vase meant for cut flowers is usually the perfect choice. 
  • Choose a vessel that is not porous on the inside. You want your vase to be glazed or
    "finished" on the inside so your carrier oil and essential oils don't just soak into the vase or seep through.
  • Choose a vessel with a narrow opening. This will help slow down the evaporation rate of your essential oils so your diffuser will last longer.
  • Use reeds meant for a reed diffuser if you can find them. If they're not available near you, just use bamboo skewers. They're inexpensive and easy to find at any grocery shop.
  • You can use whatever carrier oil you like. Keep in mind that some oils, like coconut and avocado, will solidify in cooler temperatures, so if it gets chilly where you live, you'll want to avoid those during the cooler months.
  • Keep your diffuser away from mischievous kitties or curious children. Keep it where it won't damage carpet or flooring if there is an accidental spill.
To make your reed diffuser, use a funnel to fill your vessel about halfway full with your carrier oil. Add your chosen essential oil blend (see suggestions below). Place your reeds or skewers in your vase and enjoy! You'll want to flip your reeds over every so often to refresh the scent and get the oil traveling up the reeds in the other direction.

Blend Suggestions:
  • Lavender and Rosemary cineol
  • Peppermint and Vanilla Perfume (or Cocoa Perfume)
  • Coffee and Cardamom
  • Sweet Orange and Clove
  • Lavender and Clary Sage
  • Frankincense and Douglas Fir
  • Lemon and Sweet Lime
  • Sandalwood and Rose
Experiment with combinations you like and add them to your carrier oil 1 drop at a time until you reach a blend you like for your reed diffuser. I love these because they are so easy to customize for each person's individual taste. Have fun blending!


  1. Thanks for the scent ideas, I need to refresh the diffuser I made some time ago. I may also try a few as gifts. Perfect timing. :)

    1. Have fun making your new reed diffusers, Lyn! I'm so glad the timing worked out well with the project you were wanting to work on. =)

      Much love,
      Erin | blogging for Veriditas


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