Ultimate Luxurous Bath Soak Recipe

Sometimes I just want to take a luxurious bubble bath that leaves me relaxed and smelling divine. Do you ever have those days? With the cooler weather settling in, it's even more important to take extra time to nourish our bodies. What better way than in a beautiful, yummy-smelling bath? Today, I'm sharing my favorite bath soak recipe. I think you're going to love it. I know I do!

This luxurious, indulgent recipe makes a perfect gift for the holiday season. Ready to make a batch? Here's what you're going to need:
  • a 750 ml jar (or whatever size you have)
  • Epsom salt (I used a finely milled variety, but the chunkier kind will work just as well)
  • dried Lavender flowers
  • dried Rose petals
  • Veriditas Botanicals essential oils of: Lavender Reserve, Rose Otto, Neroli, Sweet Orange
  1. To your glass jar, add 1 pound of Epsom salts.
  2. Add the following essential oils: 5 drops of Lavender Reserve, 3 drops of Rose Otto, 2 drops of Neroli, and 3 drops of Sweet Orange. Stir well until the essential oils are evenly distributed throughout your salts...then stir a little longer for good measure (they usually take longer to distribute than we think).
  3. Add in 1 handful of dried Lavender flowers and 1 handful of dried Rose petals. Stir to incorporate.
To enjoy your gorgeous bath salts, add 2-3 TBSP of the mixture to your bath. The beautiful flowers floating in the water and the heavenly aroma of the essential oils makes such an lovely combination - a perfect addition to a relaxing bath. If you don't want to bother with cleaning up the dried flowers when you're finished bathing, you can always add the mixture to a muslin drawstring bag or a tea ball instead of adding them directly to the bath water. Personally, I don't mind the extra 10 seconds of cleanup to enjoy the flowers right in the bath with me. I hope you enjoy this bath soak! If you're making this recipe as a gift, be sure to make extra so you can have some for yourself too.


  1. Can you recommend a substitute for lavender in this and other blends that call for lavender?( My daughter -in-law is allergic to it.) And by the way way, thanks for all the lovely recipes and ideas!

    1. Hi Rosanne,

      For this recipe, you could just leave the Lavender out and see how you like it. If you find that it needs something to replace it, you could try adding in a little Helichrysum or German Chamomile, or a bit of something earthier, like Atlas Cedar.

      As far as a substitute for Lavender in other blends goes, it would really depend on the purpose of the Lavender in each particular blend. For example, if the Lavender is being used in the blend for its antimicrobial properties, you could substitute with Tea Tree, but if the Lavender is being used for its calming effects, you would want to try something like Roman Chamomile or even Frankincense. Hope that helps a bit.

      Much love,
      Erin | blogger for Veriditas

  2. Great recipe - although after a few days, the oil + salts tend to stick together and has a 'wet sand' like texture. Is that normal?

    1. It's totally normal for the salts to settle after a few days. Just give your jar a bit of a shake and everything will separate back into its lovely texture.

      Much love,
      Erin | blogging for Veriditas


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