DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe with Essential Oils

Here's a great, simple recipe for Foaming Hand Soap using our organic essential oils. It's moisturizing, anti-bacterial, and feels so soft and fluffy. You won't believe it's completely natural! We've made you a free printable label so you can make your own too! Download it here.

To make your own foaming hand soap, you're going to need a foam soap dispenser. I used this one, which also comes in an amber glass version! Perfect for us essential oil lovers.

Some of the benefits of making your own liquid hand soap:
  • It doesn't contain triclosan, a dangerous ingredient linked to a wide variety of health issues.
  • It doesn't contain chemicals or preservatives, as even some of the most "natural" options do.
  • It doesn't contain artificial fragrances or synthetic ingredients.
  • It smells amazing and you can customize the scent to your taste.
  • You control what goes in it and, therefore, know exactly what you're putting on your body and using in your home.
  • It's super affordable.
  • It's environmentally sustainable.
  • It only takes a minute to make.
  • Everyone will think you're a rock star health warrior for making your own household products.
Okay, so maybe we went a little overboard with that last one there, but you get the idea. It's an easy, affordable way to replace a toxic household product with a non-toxic option that you can customize however you'd like!

To make your soap:
  • Fill your dispenser halfway with liquid castile soap.
  • Add 25 drops of Lavender essential oil. Lavender is anti-bacterial and is perfectly suited to sanitizing products like hand soap.
  • Fill the remaining half of the dispenser with water.
  • Screw the topper onto your dispenser and shake gently to mix the ingredients well.
  • Enjoy!

That's it! It's so easy. Make up a batch with your free label today! You can also experiment with other essential oil combinations. Let us know which ones you like in the comments below.


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