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Safe Internal Use with Pranarom Mini Caps

Are you curious about ingesting essential oils, but you want to make sure you're ingesting them safely? Pranarom’s collection of Mini Caps are a great way to experience the benefits of internal use in a gentle, easy and safe way. Internal Use Basics When taking essential oils internally, you want to remember that our digestive tract is quite sensitive: it has billions of microbiota living there that we don't want to disrupt. Plus, our digestive tract is lined with mucous membranes, which we don't want to irritate.  Because of this, essential oils should always be diluted before ingesting, and they dilute best in carrier oils or other fats.  M aking sure they are well diluted first will ensure that your mouth and upper digestive tract are not irritated by the essential oils' chemical constituents. Also, you should always ingest at very low dosages - think fractions of drops.   One whole drop can often be too much.  Pranarom Mini Caps Each Pranarom mini-cap has only 37.5

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