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Time for a Digital Detox!

Could excessive screen time be harming your family's health? Technology has amazing potential to make our lives easier, but 24/7 bombardment of digital interaction can negatively impact mind, body and spirit. A recent study from Common Sense Media shows screen time use for entertainment is at an all-time high1.

Do you find yourself feeling distracted? Texting while driving? Checking your phone for no reason throughout the day? You may need a digital detox if your device:
Keeps you up late or interferes with your ability to fall asleepTakes over quality time with friends and familyInterferes with your ability to finish work or complete homework We get it – change can be difficult, especially when it comes to our dependency on screens. However, if you find yourself saying, "that's me!" to any of the above, it may be time to take a digital detox.
What is a "Digital Detox"? "Detoxing" comes from the idea of fasting to release negative influences and res…

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