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Ultrasonic Diffusion 101

Do you have an ultrasonic diffuser, or are you thinking of buying one? In this article we’ll take a look at why they’re so great for aromatherapy and cover some common Q&A. How Do Ultrasonic Diffusers Work?Ultrasonic diffusion is the aerial suspension of water and essential oils with very high frequency ultrasonic waves (16 to 20 megahertz). Ultrasonic diffusion is a “cold-spread” method, so it doesn’t damage the essential oil molecules through heat. Ultrasonic diffusers are beneficial for several reasons:They break down essential oils into very small particles. When these particles are inhaled, they are quickly transferred from the lungs to the bloodstream, where the body can utilize their benefits.The device generates a flow of negative ions, which can help produce the refreshed feeling one gets near moving water, or after a rainstorm.Regular use of ultrasonic diffusers can put the equivalent of half a liter of water per day into aerial suspension. This can help increase the hum…

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