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Lavender Guide: Angustifolia, Reserve & Spike

Lavender Angustifolia, Reserve Lavender, Spike Lavender, oh my! Have you ever wondered why we carry three different Lavenders, or which you should be using? Here's a little guide for differentiating between these amazing oils.

While Lavender Angustifolia, Reserve & Spike are all technically Lavender, each is the product of a different growing environment. As a result, each variety has its own unique set of properties. Weather, soil, temperature, precipitation and elevation all influence the plant's chemical profile.

LavenderLavandula angustifolia
Source: Provence, France
Altitude: 3,600 ft.
Personality: Balancing & soothing
Scent Profile: Fresh, herbaceous & floral
Aromatic Family: Ester, Monoterpenol
About: The panacea of essential oils, Lavender Angustifolia is also known as True Lavender. This oil has a rich history of promoting calm & relaxation. Apply to minor burns, bites, bruises and blemishes.

Lavender ReserveLavandula angustifolia
Source: Provence, France (Hig…

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