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Organic Virgin and Infused Plant Oils

Pure essential oils are complex substances. Resulting from the distillation of botanical materials, an essential oil is a collection of aromatic and therapeutic chemical constituents. Despite the common name they are technically not oils as is biochemically defined. However, in common with oils, essential oils are lipophilic and hydrophobic. Simply expressed, essential oils have an affinity for fatty oils and an aversion to water. 
When used wisely, pure essential oils are powerful substances with beneficial therapeutic effects. Most often, wise use of an essential oil involves the blending of essential oils with other substances. For cosmetic use, it is recommended that an essential oil be diluted to 1-3%. For more acute conditions, the rate of dilution may be higher depending on the essential oil, the condition being treated, and the recommendations of a healthcare practitioner. Being lipophiles, aromatic synergies are created when an essential oil is blended with or diluted in a vi…

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